Southwest Trekking is an authorized outfitter/guide for the National Park Service and the National Forest Service. What does that mean? Simply put, Southwest Trekking is under a contractual agreement with these United States Government Agencies to supply services to the public for monetary compensation on public lands. 


These permits are serious business agreements. These agencies have several requirements to facilitate the protection of individuals that are served by outfitter/guides. They also help to assure the protection of the nation’s public lands environmentally and ecologically. These permits holders are required to pay a percentage of gross revenues to the government to assist in the monitoring of the use of the public lands. These contracts require each outfitter/guide service to supply a safe, enjoyable experience while on public lands. 

Southwest Trekking not only meets these requirements but also surpasses them. Our guides are experienced professionals, trained in Back Country safety issues including, basic first aid and CPR. Experience is critical to maintaining a safe and enjoyable experience and Southwest Trekking's guides are required to have extensive knowledge of all the surrounding areas.


Southwest Trekking is fully insured with liability and commercial transportation insurance.

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