Explore the Beautiful Sonoran Desert with Southwest Trekking

Presently, the Sonoran Desert comprises a functioning desert ecosystem featuring a wide range of scientific, historic, and biological resources. It comprises distinctive mountain ranges divided by wide valleys and the enormous saguaro cactus forest communities that offer the ideal habitat for a wide variety of wildlife species. Biological resources include a wonderful diversity of animal and plant species. The lower areas feature some of the most structurally profound examples of Palo mixed/Verde cacti association in the desert, while the higher peaks feature characteristic woodland assemblage. The deep stands of cacti and leguminous trees are dominated by Chola, prickly pear, ironwood, Palo Verde trees, and saguaros. Another unique feature you will get to see during your adventure with Southwest Trekking is the endangered Acuna pineapple cactus.

One of the things that stands out during your adventure with Southwest Trekking is the abundance of saguaro cactus forest, the desert’s signature plant. Saguaro plants are beautiful individually, but when they are crowded together to form forests alongside a wide range of shrubs, herbaceous plants, and trees, you get one of the most magnificent sites you have ever seen.

The variety of plant communities in the Sonoran Desert provides a habitat for a wide range of wildlife, including a large population of desert bighorn sheep, particularly in the Maricopa Mountains region, the endangered Sonoran pronghorn, as well as other species such as bobcat, gray fox, mountain lion, javelina, and mule deer. Bat species in the Sonoran Desert include the leaf-nosed bat, the cave myotis, and the endangered long-nosed bat. Several species of owls and raptors inhabit the Sonoran Desert, including the western screech owl and the elf owl. The desert also supports a wide range of amphibians and reptiles, including the red-backed whiptail and the Sonoran desert tortoise, giving you the opportunity to view wildlife that you had never seen before or didn’t know existed.

However, the Sonoran Desert is just the tip of the iceberg of the adventures that await you when you join Southwest Trekking. Southwest Trekking offers the adventure of a lifetime, and the best part is that everybody can participate in the activities regardless of age or skill level. If you are looking for a professional guide service in Tuscan, Arizona, Southwest Trekking is your best bet. The wide variety of resources and tour guides ensure that you can experience nature in its entirety without worrying about your safety. Whether you are cycling on hills or traveling through the vast Sonoran Desert, the tour guides will be there to ensure that you have a stress-free experience. Simply breathtaking, is the best way to explain the adventure that awaits you when you join Southwest Trekking. You will be hard-pressed to find a better professional tour guide service in Arizona!

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