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2 to 10               $125.00 per person

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Guided hikes include: transportation, water, iced beverages and experienced, trained, and knowledgeable guides


Explore the Southwest Region

The Southwest region awaiting you offers much more than what many imagine deserts to be. The diversity of flora and fauna found in this region affirm the harmony of nature.

Within this beauty, stillness and clarity is found. Indulge yourself with a Sonoran Desert journey. The Santa Catalinas, Rincons, Santa Ritas, Dragoons, Whetstones, Chiracauas and Tucson Mountains are a few areas that provide us with trails covering all levels of experience. From steep, rocky mountain peak ascents to mellow hikes through pictographs, we know the right trail for you.  Guides are trained, experienced and educated to facilitate you walking away with a better understanding of issues confronting the area. We will adapt to your needs as desires, keeping you safe while showing you the natural wonders of the Sonoran Desert.

​Hiking outside of Tucson Arizona offers many diverse and fun adventures. Southwest Trekking has supplied thousands of guided hiking trips in an around the Tucson area. When it comes to hiking in Tucson, southern Arizona, the southwest and Mexico, we know the best trails available and are licensed to take you out there. We supply everything needed: transportation, water, beverages and an experienced, trained, knowledgeable guide.

​Are you looking for a little more time in the great outdoors?

We offer half day, full day or multiple day excursions to suite your needs. Never been camping before? Well, we would love to take you. We have everything you could possibly need to do some of the most casual car camping to some of the most rugged multi-day backpacking adventures in the state. Come experience this, possibly once in a lifetime, chance to hike to your heart's content, or at least to your hearts ability.


John and John, birds of a feather as they say, are out for a hike in the scenic Sonoran desert. This trail is located up near Marana, northwest of Tucson, in the Tortilita mountains. This is a wonderful location to check out amazing stands of Saguaro cactus, interesting and dynamic rock formations, and the many other species of vegitation that lend to the diversity of the Sonoran desert.


Caryl and John put their walking boots on and get to walking. This video features sections of trail found amoung the Santa Catalina mountains. While this range starts in the desert, your environments start to change as you gain elevation, ending with pine trees, dougles firs and aspen stands. Not only does the scenery change, but so do the temps. The summit is usually 20-30 degrees cooler than here in the basin.

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