Individual                             $200.00

2 to 10               $150.00 per person

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Mountain bike outings include: bike, helmet, water, energy supplements, beverages, and transportation


Southwest Trekking knows the Right Trail for You

Whether it’s your first time out or you’re a seasoned veteran to the trails, Southwest Trekking knows the right trail for you. The diverse basin and range topography of the Southwest region offers a wide variety of terrain options featuring rocky, hilly, double and single track rides. If you're looking for soaring climbs followed by perilous descents or rides through gently rolling grasslands on dirt roads we can find the right ride for you around the Tucson area or beyond.

When participating in a guided mountain bike trip with Southwest Trekking, we assist clients in finding the right trail, one that will be challenging and fun but not over their head and dangerous. We ride with you, offering advice and tidbits of mountain biking wisdom to help you learn and grow to be a better biker.


We know where we are going and supply the transportation, so you won't have to carry a map and keep looking at it, and you won't end up lost. We'll even change your flat tires! A big plus in the desert.

Come join us for a custom guided adventure!



Where can we go? Well, for starters there is the Arizona Trail (AZ Trail for short). Running from Mexico to Utah, this amazing trail provides some of the most diverse riding conditions and environments found in the state.  Sections of the AZ Trail running through the Rincon Mountains offers some of the best intermediate cross country riding, while sections in the Santa Catalina Mountains provides some of the most stunning downhill descents or sustained climbing in the area.


Another amazing mountain biking venue is the Redington pass area, which will supply a rider with miles of flowing single track, backcountry views of grasslands and double track in the Rincon Mountain range. 



There is the abundance of trails in the Tucson Mountain Park. These rides allow us to focus on either technical cross country single track in the Sonoran desert, or be geared towards fun rolling trails for beginners.


Santa Catalina Mountains, home to Mt. Lemmon, which allows easy access to miles and miles of amazing trails winding through forests and grasslands. There are enough trails around the Tucson area to literally fill a lifetime of riding.

Are you looking for a little more time in the great outdoors?

We offer half day, full day or multiple day excursions to suit your needs. Never been camping before? Well, we would love to take you. We have everything you could possibly need to do some of the most casual car camping to some of the most rugged multi-day backpacking adventures in the state. Come experience this, possibly once in a lifetime, chance to hike to your heart's content, or at least to your hearts ability.


This video show cases the amazing trail network found in the Tucson Mountain Park, located on the west side of town. The trails here offer some amazing single track mountain biking trough amazing sections of the Sonoran desert. Riding among huge saguaro cactus stands and dynamic volcanic mountains will leave you speechless, or at least breathless.


One very scenic ride through the Rincon Mountains. The trail starts with an evil uphill slog that not only grabs your attention, but also pushes the heart rate up a couple dozen notches. It's worth it though, as you are rewarded with one awesome downhill decent through some backcountry grass lands. This trail can be done by itself, or linked up to other sections of the AZ trail.


There is no way to avoid hot in the desert during summer. Well, there is one way, go out when the suns down. This video is shot in the Tucson Mountain Park, but we can take our bikes and awesome HID Nite Rider lighting systems to a variety of other trails in the area. There is something special about riding at night, and we would love to show you what it's all about.

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